My name is Jesse. I'm 25, I'm a journalism student, and I'm an organic vegan.I enjoy being outdoors, yoga, cosplay, cooking, movies, books, and ... many other of life's pleasures. ;) I mostly just reblog, but occasionally put up my own posts via Instagram. On my page you'll find everything from Steam Powered Giraffe to delicious food to books.

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The Clay to Bronze Sculpture of Devon Dorrity

In life you have to make choices as to where you spend your time.  Each minute you spend on one activity takes away from another.  Finding a balance that allows you to keep your sanity and create memories and a legacy that you can be proud to pass on is the great challenge we all face.  Our time is short, so choose wisely, prioritize and help others along the way.  For only they will remember you when you are gone.


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