My name is Jesse. I'm 25, I'm a journalism student, and I'm an organic vegan.I enjoy being outdoors, yoga, cosplay, cooking, movies, books, and ... many other of life's pleasures. ;) I mostly just reblog, but occasionally put up my own posts via Instagram. On my page you'll find everything from Steam Powered Giraffe to delicious food to books.

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vegan sausage party at link n hops!


i know what you’re thinking: “all LA needs is another vegan-friendly beer and sausage bar.” and it’s TRUE! there can never ever ever be enough!! link n hops in atwater village is the latest addition, and it’s fantastic. an impressive variety of vegan sausage flavors, a solid toppings selections, condiments galore and lots of craft beer on tap…bonus points for being super close to my office. i’m sold.


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